Reasons to shop from us

Welcome to my website. Check my shows list for fall. I have just put new pieces on most of my categories.I have a little girls bed on the Other Furniture Styles Category. I have also put on a buffet. It is the first time I have shown it on my web-site. You can click on the pictures and make them bigger and better to see.

I have had some trouble with my check out and can't seem to get it fixed. So if you find something you want, contact me and I will send you an invoice from pay pal. Contact me at or, or call (317)326-8355 and I can take the square this way.

The pieces of furniture that are in the special order category are available in different stains and fabrics. If you are interested in any of them, you can contact me by e-mail or phone. Also information about deposit and order time. You can contact me at or phone me at (317)326-8355. Please browse through the following pages. Thank you for looking at my Web-site. Nancy Summers